1. N

    Getting sponsored for KITAS

    I am generally asking for real advice as I am quite unsure regarding my status. I am a South Korean individual who has been working in HK and graduated university from HK but have graduated middle, high school in Indonesia. My uncle and aunt has been running a business in Indonesia for over 6...
  2. R

    Did Immigration officer visit house for kitas process?

    Hello, I want to apply for spouse sponsored kitas visa. My wife ktp has his hometown domicile pemalang but now she working in serpong and his parents also not allow her to come home after marriage because we done love marriage. So when applying for kitas giving pemalang address but after...
  3. 1

    KITAS to KITAP? extensions required for ex WNI

    hello, i just figured out that apparently you have to be physically present at the immigration in order to extend kitas or kitap. is there any agent you’d recommend who be able to help me extend it without needing me to be physically present? the reason i ask is bc my agent told me i need to...
  4. I

    KITAS Agent Recomedations in Bandung

    Hey all My wife and I are in need of recommendations for visa agents in Bandung that can help with getting a KITAS. We've had a few messages already from agents prospecting us but I'd like to hear from the people on this forum if they have any recommendations of their own. Also, would like to...
  5. M

    (Eks) WNI to enter Indonesia with foreign passport

    Hello, Is it possible to enter Indonesia with foreign passport, despite not lapor to KBRI that I obtained it (which means I'm not longer WNI) or getting through the revocation process? Last time I entered was with paspor ijo (hadn't gotten the foreign passport yet). I know I can do VITAS->...
  6. MrEddy

    Living in Bali and converting VITAS to spouse KITAS

    Dear forum members, Me and my wife have been living in Bali for over 2 years now and got married last Febuary in the Netherlands. We had our marriage certificate legalized by the Indonesian Embassy and successfully applied for the VITAS. On 31 March I had one of the last flights into Indonesia...
  7. X

    KITAS Renewal to a New Passport

    Hi, My spouse KITAS will expire at the end of July 2020. I already renewed my passport March 2020 since it’s nearing expiration already. Now I have few questions 1. do i need to do paspor mutasi first if i will renew my KITAS from my old passport to my newly issued passport? 2. Can my husband...
  8. G

    KITAS via "Employer of Record Service"

    In researching how to establish an entity able to provide myself with a KITAS (with minimum capital requirements) a number of companies offered to provide me a KITAS through them as the "employer of record". Is this a legitimate method?
  9. X

    Documents required after obtaining ITAS

    Hi. I just finished processing my e-ITAS here in Jakarta. I process everything on my own since I still have a lot of time. Anyway, i am already in the process of getting an SKTT. But as read about this, other things or documents that can be acquired from Catatan Sipil come up which are: SKPPS...
  10. R

    Renew second year Family Kitas

    Hi there! I thought to renew the family kitas 317 for the second year will be the same process of the first, so I got out of Indonesia normally BUT I am quite confused right now because it's taking too long to approve it. Should I get EPO or ERP?? What I need to do? Please anyone already go...
  11. M

    Kartu keluarga and wife sponsored kitas

    I am about to apply for kitas. My wife has updated her kartu keluarga, but in order to get our kids on the KK and register med as the father she needs indonesian birth certificate since we only have from the country they were born in (not Indonesia). They say we need to get this from an embassy...
  12. B

    VITAS/KITAS/KITAP for Ex-Indonesian

    Hi there - I am an Australian citizen looking to stay in Indonesia long term for a family reason. I have googled around and assumed VITAS/KITAS/KITAP 318 is the option for my case. For my case, would it be possible to start the application of VITAS in Australia? If I understand the process...
  13. M

    Wife sponsored Kitas but KTP is not registered in city where we will be living

    Hi I have 3 questions that I have not been able to find an answer to here on the forum: 1. I will move to Indonesia with my wife next year and her KTP is registered in Jogja, but we will be living in Sumatra. Would it be best for her to report relocation to Sumatera and get her Kartu Keluarga...
  14. Cara Shankly

    UK nationals divorce visa status

    Hi. Really hope someone can help! My husband and I are both UK nationals. He works here as a teacher and I'm on a spouse kitas. We have 3 kids, I think they're on an Education Visa. My question is, if I agree to a divorce will I lose my Visa and if so, are there any other options for me to...
  15. L

    KITAS, Legal Documents for Foreign Company ? Ask Us

    We are expert to help People in order to registrate all kinds of company documents based to government policy. Ex : KITAS, Domicile, NPWP, TDP, ect.
  16. RVGNZ


    HI, I'm currently living in Indonesia, I am renting an apartment here. I've been living here on one month visas while my KITAS visa is being organized. Its now ready and im going to Singapore to complete the next step. My company is asking me to get a letter of domisili to take with me to...
  17. L

    Sponsor husband Kitas work

    Hello, I got really confuse reading all information about having a Kitas sponsor suami and our right/no right to work. I don't know if as expat wife we have the same right than expat husband. So I want to re-open a post to get clear answer for us, wife of indonesian men with a kitas sponsor...
  18. G

    Discountinued Kitas

    Dear expat community, I hope you can advice or help me. My kitas is valid untill next january, my company which sponsored my kitas want to stop it. Yesterday I receive a mail from them, saying that they want to stop the kitas and asking me to bring my passport, book a flight ticket and the...
  19. K

    Spouse KITAS - rights to work

    Hi, I hope you can help me out here. I plan to marry my Indonesian girlfriend and arrange to live together either in Indonesia or London. However, I am under the impression aware that I will only be entitled to a spouse KITAS which seems to show that I will not be entitled to work in Indonesia...
  20. M

    Aug 2017 Marriage KITAS I-317 Online Application Question

    I am an American in Bali married to an Indonesian Wife. I want to get a Marriage Kitas that will allow me to stay 1 year. Visited Immigration in Denpasar and have been told that the entire process is now being done online and no longer in person and was instructed to go...

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