Jul 13, 2016
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Administrator, from The Holy City of Manado

Moderator Cager
    1. harryopal
      Good evening Atlantis

      Suddenly there are 12 postings on different forums here purporting to be from Grace Smith which have the hall marks of a scammer.

      Why would someone in London offer air tickets etc to someone from the other side of the world when there are so many possibilities from nearby Europe?.

      Yours tropically, Harryopal
    2. waarmstrong
      The Expat Indo Forum has essentially stopped working on my Black Berry as of a couple of weeks ago. No problem on my laptop PC but I cannot see what's new or post anything from my mobile. Have you updated the mobile software?
    3. waarmstrong
      Is something broken? Nothing new is coming up.
    4. Leko
      I had deporte on 23 september 2017 for 6 month.and extented other 6 mean I able to return on 23 september 2018.I had wife and 2 kids behide one is 8 year old and 2 year wife went to apply at immigration at jakarta on 5 september 2018 for I able to return on 25 september I am waiting for the awnser..Did any one know how long it take to know the anwser?thanks
    5. harryopal
      Good afternoon Atlantis,
      This afternoon I posted under General Chat "Lombok Emergency Response" and while that then appeared in the general forums General Chat as the latest post it did not appear in the Latest Expat Indo Articles. This also happened with other recent posts. Did I miss something?
      1. atlantis
        Hi harryopal. Thanks for your message. We will answer you in a short while.
        Aug 8, 2018
    6. Jalan2site
      Hi Atlantis,
      i'm Armin from italy. As i now you stay in manado. Well i do the same. Since my wife from manado is deaf( tuli bisu) and never went to school, i have to do and find out all by myself because i'm not able to talk to the family. Well my situation is very complex and i would be very happy to have somebody more experienced in living here to talk about it. Too many questions.... !
      Maybe we can meet up in here, that would be great!
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