KITAS Renewal to a New Passport


Aug 9, 2019

My spouse KITAS will expire at the end of July 2020. I already renewed my passport March 2020 since it’s nearing expiration already. Now I have few questions

1. do i need to do paspor mutasi first if i will renew my KITAS from my old passport to my newly issued passport?

2. Can my husband (my sponsor) submit my application on my behalf? because I am currently pregnant and about to give birth this moand doesn’t wanna risk going out.

3. just in case i wasn’t able to renew my kitas before it expires, is it still possible to renew an expired kitas to my new passport? Or do i need to go back to step 1 again which is obtaining the visit visa from outside Indonesia?

4. what are the requirements for renewing a spouse kitas?


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Jul 18, 2016
1. Apply as normal. Bring both passports and the new KITAS will go in the new passport.

2. Yes, anyone can drop it off.

3. As of right now, you don't have to worry about it if it expires as everyone is on emergency extension.

In normal conditions, you could start the process 2 weeks before it expires.

R Cameron

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Jul 19, 2016
1. Agree with ChrisTex, no problem at all.

2. Agree with ChrisTex, though you will need to make one visit a few days later for fingerprints and photos. It is possible they may require a surat kuasa signed by you (with materai) giving him legal authority to represent you.

3. Ordinarily an expired kitas would force you to leave the country, with overstay fees, perhaps problems for not arranging an EPO, and starting the kitas process over again. This is all thrown off by new emergency/coronavirus regulations, but if the emergency period ends while you are in hospital or otherwise inconvenienced, this could become a problem. I would recommend trying as hard as you can to get the extension started before expiration.

Unlike ChrisTex, my immigration office says that the application can be started a single business day before expiration, and the date of application does not change the renewal dates, it will still be one year from the previous date.

4. You can start the process online and I believe you will find all the requirements there:

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