Indonesian Arts & Music Experience Week-end in Solo

Are you thirsty for Indonesian arts and music? Do not miss out on this opportunity shared by our Gamelan resident expert Puspawarna:

28-29-30 April/1 May 2017

Spend a 3-Day Weekend in Solo, Central Java!

Choose a focus for the weekend, between:

Intense Gamelan Study and Performance
3-Day Weekend


General Arts Tour 3-Day Weekend

Intense Gamelan Study and Performance 3-Day Weekend

Participants will study how to play the Javanese gamelan from the very beginning—absolutely no previous experience necessary!

Lessons can be provided in either English or Indonesian.

If you have experience, the lessons can be made equally challenging for your level.

You will have four intense practice sessions:

1. Friday evening, 28 April, 19:00–21:00
2. Saturday late morning, 29 April, 11:00–14:00
3. Saturday evening, 29 April, 19:00–22:00
4. Sunday late morning, 30 April, 11:00–13:00

Followed by:

  • Performing what you learned in public, at the home of Ki Purbo Asmoro, Sunday 30 April, 20:00-20:30, before the Solonese community.
  • Watching an all-night wayang by Ki Purbo Asmoro, 30 April, English translation, 21:00—until finished or until you’re tired
  • Visiting one cottage industry: batik, gamelan OR wayang-figure

This group could gather again to perform at the final staff meeting in the PIE Theater in June!

General Arts Tour 3-Day Weekend

Participants will:

  • Visit a batik factory and go batik shopping
  • Visit a gamelan factory
  • Visit a wayang-figure studio and have the opportunity to purchase wayang
  • Have ONE beginning lesson on a full gamelan
  • Watch all-night wayang by Ki Purbo Asmoro, 30 April, English translation

How much does it cost?

Both tour packages include:

  • Roundtrip airfare, Jakarta to Solo on Fri 28 April and Solo to Jakarta on 1 May
  • Accomodation on Fri-Sat-and Sun nights at Rumah Turi in Solo
  • Group transport in Solo to all destinations
  • Meals throughout the weekend at traditional, classic Solo spots around town
  • All lessons and tour guides’ fees
  • English translation for the all-night wayang
  • A copy of the video documentation of the all-night wayang and gamelan

PER PERSON for either tour choice:

  • Rp. 9,400,000 for a single
  • Rp. 9,000,000 for each person in a couple


Contact: Kitsie Emerson ([email protected]), 08128570661, by 1 March.

Do you have any question? Please refer to this post on Expat Indo Forum!

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