Atlantis: The man behind the gecko tattoo

If you have visited our forum, you probably have met Atlantis, our forum administrator with the gecko tattoo avatar. Atlantis, who moved to Indonesia over 17 years ago, is a co-founder of Through expat forums, Atlantis has been posting and helping expats living in Indonesia for many years. With his no nonsense writing style, he navigates through often opaque Indonesian procedures. Sometimes his posts explains visas and immigration procedure, at other times he mentions labor and business laws. At all times they are top notch.

Besides the forum, he also writes for the Expat Indo site. His knowledge in Indonesian law means that he can give the most up-to-date information on the subject. Here is an article he wrote earlier this year, about changes in immigration rules: New immigration regulation: Changes to Visit Visa and VITAS

Naturally he also reviews all of our law and immigration articles on this site for accuracy.

Atlantis: The man behind the gecko tattoo

By 2008, I’d lived eight years in Indonesia. I had arranged KITAS and naturalization documents for my children, and had registered two businesses. I gladly volunteered to share what I had learned.  –Atlantis via

Atlantis' Gecko Tattoo
The famous gecko tattoo

Until now Atlantis’ identity has been a mystery. But not anymore! Through an article by Indonesia Expat magazine, we finally get a glimpse of the man, his story and his passions. So head on over to read more about Atlantis:

From Trader To Moderator: Olivier Rula (link)

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We would like to thank Indonesia Expat for the interview. Indonesia Expat is a bi-weekly English language publication in Indonesia. You can check them out by following this link:




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