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Dec 24, 2021
Hello Everyone,

I am a newbie in this forum so it is a good place to introduce my self.
My name is Roy Sukamto and I am an Indonesian. Currently I live in Bandung. My wife owns a shop and I help her with digital marketing activities since nowadays it become a medium which becomes more and more important.

The shop is lately often visited by expatriates and tourists. I am not going
to tell you about the shop because the classified rules is very strict in
this forum and the intention here is to introduce myself to you all. Now
some expatriates and tourists, who came to us, tell us that they have found
our shop through google map en google search engine and it is difficult
to find the kind of shop we have.

So I think maybe it is better to post a classified ads in this forum so that
we can tell more information about our shop.

But beside that, if you have questions regarding everything you want to know related to the new environment please free to contact us. Hopefully I can answer and help you. I will try to be active also in various forum topics.

So have a good life you'all in this beautiful country


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