Joko’s Tour d’Manado and North Sulawesi

Paal Beach near Manado
Pristine Paal Beach in North Sulawesi

After his exciting motorcycle trip across Java (read about it here), our community member Joko MacKenna has followed up on his passion for travel with a trip to Manado and across North Sulawesi. Joko is an American expat TESL teacher based in Myanmar. However he is a frequent visitor to Indonesia and considers it his second home.

Joko has aptly titled the trip as his Tour d’Manado. Furthermore, he has gracefully agreed to share his experience with the Expat Indo community.

Follow along as he writes and shares videos of his 874 km journey across North Sulawesi. Along the way, Joko visits pristine beaches and remote towns untouched by tourism. He also chats with the locals and attracts the attention of school kids everywhere he goes!

You can read the forum thread here.

North Sulawesi Trip
Joko’s 874 km itinerary.

Want to know more?

You can see more of Joko’s trip both in Indonesia and other countries by visiting his blog, Leaving Amerika. Or his YouTube channel, Joko MacKenna.

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