Jakarta’s Odd-Even Traffic Policy and Toll Booth Closures

Jakarta Traffic

Beginning in August 2018, Jakarta has expanded it’s Odd-Even traffic policy (Peraturan Ganjil-Genap in Bahasa Indonesia). This was done to ease traffic during certain hours in the city, and was recently expanded to accommodate the upcoming Asian Games. Naturally this policy affects quite a few of our forum members who live in and around Jakarta. It has generated some interesting discussion in our forum, and we share some of it here for those who may have missed it.

What is Odd-Even Traffic?

The policy refers to only allowing cars with odd licence plates to enter certain roads and tollgates on odd calendar days, and cars with even license plates on even calendar days. It is a replacement to the old 3-in-1 policy, and has been expanded temporarily to accommodate the upcoming Asian Games.

When is Odd-Even Traffic enforced?

The policy was in a trial period between July 2 and July 31, 2018. It is now officially in effect everyday of the week between 6 am and 9 pm.

What roads are affected?

This handy graphic below shows all affected areas. Blue shows previously existing Odd-Even roads, Red shows the expanded zones for Asian Games, and the dashed lines show alternate routes.

Odd-Even traffic
Graphic: Roads affected by Odd-Even traffic policy

What happens if I forget?

You may get a traffic ticket. The fine is a maximum of Rp 500,000 or up to 2 months in jail. On the first day of  the expanded implementation (August 1, 2018) over 1000 tickets were issued.

Setting up Google Maps and Waze to be aware of Odd-Even traffic policy

Both Google and Waze have options to set their navigation to avoid odd/even routes, adjustable to your own plate number.

For Google:

1. Open Settings (under the “tri bar” or “hamburger” icon).
2. Select “Navigation settings”.
3. Choose “Avoid odd-even traffic fines”.
4. Select whether the plate you have is odd or even.

For Waze:

1. Open Settings (top left corner).
2. Scroll down and select “Navigation”.
3. Scroll down and select “Licence plate restriction”.
4. Input last 2 digits of your license plate.

Toll Booth Closures

In addition to the Odd-Even policy, 19 toll booths will be closed at certain times during the Asian Games. This is to ensure athletes can travel to and from venues quickly. The booths closed are:

Between 6 am and 5 pm:

  1. Ancol Barat
  2. Jembatan Tiga 1
  3. Angke 2
  4. Tanjung Duren
  5. Off Ramp RS Harapan Kita
  6. Slipi 2
  7. Podomoro
  8. Rawamangun
  9. Pedati
  10. TMII

Between noon and 9 pm:

  1. Gedong Panjang 2
  2. Jembatan Tiga 2
  3. Angke 1
  4. Jelambar 1
  5. Slipi 1
  6. Sunter
  7. Jatinegara
  8. Kebon Nanas
  9. TMII
toll booth closure
Graphic: Asian Games toll booth closure. (Courtesy beritagar.id)


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