Expats in Action: Gajah Tunggal Park in Babakan, Tangerang

Gajah Tunggal Park

One of our forum members, who goes by the username OomBen, has been working on building a park in Babakan, Tangerang. The project took over one year to complete and opened this August. Called Taman Gajah Tunggal, or Gajah Tunggal Park, its namesake tire company sponsors the park. Consequently many of the park amenities are built with recycled tires and other scrap materials.

Designing Gajah Tunggal Park

Gajah Tunggal has previously sponsored two public parks in Jakarta. However, the 6,066 square meter park is their largest one yet. The symbol of Gajah Tunggal is an elephant. Gajah being the Indonesian word for elephant. Therefore, a huge elephant made from used tires greets visitors to the park.

elephant made out of tires
The mascot of the park, and elephant made out of used tires.

OomBen was instrumental in designing the playground components, building prototypes and supervising production. “I even built a few prototype benches to help the process of understanding how to work with the tires.” he wrote in our forum.

He also produced a 3D model animation of the park, which you can check out in this awesome video:

Well appointed public spaces are of short supply in Indonesia. Consequently this park is much-needed and appreciated. Since it’s opening, kids and adults alike have had a good time at the park. OomBen is rightly proud of it! He told us, “It is great to see something you helped build come to life and being enjoyed by so many people”.

We agree OomBen!

Taman Gajah Tunggal Swings
Testing out the swings at the park!

Park Location and Hours

The park is on the banks of the Cisedane River. The address is Jl. Perintis Kemerdekaan No. 83, Babakan, Kota Tangerang, Banten 15118, Indonesia. It is open to the public from 7 am to 6 pm everyday.


Come check out our forum thread to read more about the park, and see more picures: New park in Babakan, Tangerang

Park visitors
Forum user OomBen with enthusiastic park visitors.

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