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Without a doubt, the COVID-19 pandemic is currently affecting just about everyone in the world. Naturally, this includes our community at ExpatIndo. To that end, many of our members have posted their questions, comments, status updates, etc. in our forum. As it stands it already contains a wealth of information, which is growing daily.

Additionally, most of our community members are staying in Indonesia during the pandemic. In our forum poll, over 77% of respondents said they were staying in Indonesia to weather COVID-19.

Is it bad that I consider this forum as the best place to get news and updated information?

– Expat Indo Member

You can follow this link to read up on the latest in our thread about COVID-19.

Our members have also posted about teaching tips for the pandemic, mudik and COVID-19, and even a photo thread of photos taken during the lockdown.

Other ways to keep up-to-date with our community

Of course our forum is not only about the pandemic! We have discussions on just about every aspect you can think of (and I bet a few that you didn’t!). If you have been reading up on our articles, but have not been to the community forum side, why not stop by an introduce yourself?

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