Garden visitors

Too small and too little for swikee.
I haven’t seen anywhere serving frogs legs for years & had basically forgotten about them, I’ll have to try & hunt them up.

Talking to a friend many years ago about eating frogs legs, he said he used to eat them until one time he was dining on them in a warung & asked where the toilet was. He was directed out back to a pit which apparently was full of kodok & he never touched the things again…. haha
I was hesitant to post this pic because I thought it may attract the attention of the cyber police for indecency. Mods please, if you feel it’s a bit over the top, add a blur to the pertinent part like on tele or delete as you see fit.
Antony came for a visit. One of these rascals bit me on the toe one day and... holy pain Batman


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this is the size of a womans hand


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This tiny buddy is less than 1cm. Not a visitor, she peacefully live somewhere between our living room and outdoor garden.


Oh dear - looks like you need to burn down that house and rebuild. That's a fine specimen.
Unfortunately the house isn't mine to burn down so I took the less drastic measure (once I'd stopped squealing & worked up the nerve to dismount the toilet) of getting it into the pool net which I then covered with cardbourd weighed down by a shoe before letting it go on vacant land across the road.

Seems it is a brown huntsman or wood spider which are venemous & can give a nasty but not deadly bite causing localised pain & swelling.
It is an Atlas moth, sorry for not saying. World's largest moth.

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