Dual citizenship, how likely is it?

Don't hold your breath. The discourse about dual citizenship is always rewarmed before the election, just a bit too early now.
Once the election over, they will put it inside the drawer.
I don't see this will be different but I'm glad if I'm wrong as I do have an interest.
I guess what we are talking about here for the mixed children is UU12/2006:

(3) Pernyataan untuk memilih kewarganegaraan
sebagaimana dimaksud pada ayat (2) disampaikan dalam
waktu paling lambat 3 (tiga) tahun setelah anak berusia
18 (delapan belas) tahun atau sudah kawin

It seems strange that this Yasonna person would not mention this UU in his speech, but let's hope there can be an update of the 2006 law at some point over the next few years, since I'm sure one day it will be updated. People doubted if the 2006 and 2011 laws would happen, but they did, so let's be optimistic, like with the new mosque loudspeaker rules. I do admire those people who fight against the odds to get these legal changes through even if takes a long time to achieve, if ever.

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