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    Mudik ban starts earlier today 22 April

    A work colleague flew back to Europe with his family yesterday. No issues.
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    Mudik ban starts earlier today 22 April

    I’m going from Bandung to Subang myself tomorrow for work. Not expecting any hassle.
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    New 5 Year Visa Option Starting To Take Shape

    You mean, for the duration of the visa (5 years) you have 2m+ tied up in an indo account earning 0 interest ? 😯
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    I don’t tend to worry about it. I don’t let it dictate what I do with my personal finances and it doesn’t effect my buying habits. Last year I was buying dollars at 15-16k, now it’s around 14k. I made more money buying dollars at 16k and investing last year when the markets were at their lowest...
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    How to get volunteers?

    You want to bring unskilled foreigners or privileged Jakartans to your beautiful, Covid-free island during a pandemic to do some odd jobs ? Just employ some lokals and pay them per job or m2. It’ll work out cheaper than some vegan demanding avocado on toast.
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    Would you travel to Indonesia now? Should I stay, or should I go now...

    Planes work in both directions, mate.
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    Japanese resto

    Saisan on jl. Hegarmanah is pretty good.
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    How do you guys invest?

    From what I’ve seen in the quality of buildings in Bandung, I’d be extremely reluctant to invest in property in Indonesia. With constant renovations and on going repairs I can’t imagine you’d get anywhere close to a decent return. Most houses in Bandung are advertised with yearly rent at 5%...
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    KITAS Agent Recomedations in Bandung

    If your a freelance worker then every so often your gonna receive a random cheque are you not ? So that’s easily explainable. Just ask a family member to transfer a few k dollar. My Bandung agent is pretty good for my work KITAS. I can see if I can dig out the number.
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    27yrs old from NZ been living Surabaya 1month

    Welcome to The forum. From my experience, at least in Bandung. Cities have a habit of opening up to you the longer you stay. I used to think Bandung was a challenge and couldn’t find anything I needed (wanted).... After 4 years here I know where to get my months supply of beers, the road I...
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    "Your story to Indonesia"

    2014 : Travelled to Bali for holiday 2014 : Quit my job to travel SEA 2014/2015 : Found myself feeling at home in Indonesia 2015: Finished traveling, return “home” 2016 : Apply for job in Indo, fly to BDG for interview and accept and begin KITAS process. 2017 : Move here.
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    Shock: No working permit as spouse of Indo.Wife ?

    Don’t want to sound an ass but isnt it exactly the subject? “Shock: No working permit as spouse of Indo.Wife ?” Maybe someone here can help you with the best routes to go navigate a successful business. If you keep everything hush-hush how can anyone help you ?
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    Shock: No working permit as spouse of Indo.Wife ?

    I know a few people that made and a business with their Indonesian wife. They’re also not “hidden” and play an active role in the business. Regularly visited by immigration and have very little issues. Everything within the business is owned by the wife. I guess this is only achievable in...
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    my first post, gardening enthusiast from USA

    Village living in Indonesia is great in many ways. It is also awful in a lot of ways. If you source land in a village and local people have always used the area to cut grass for their cows, they will expect this to continue, regardless of the wall you build. If your not careful, whilst they...

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