Surat Kuasa: How to write the Indonesian “Power of Attorney”

Surat Kuasa is another standard letter used in Indonesian correspondence. It is usually translated as a “Power of Attorney”. Literally translated surat means letter, and kuasa means power. In Indonesia neither the drafter nor the receiver of the power of attorney needs to be a lawyer.

Instead, for simple cases, you can draft your own Surat Kuasa. The most likely event where an expat may encounter the need to write one, is when you need someone to go to the Immigration office in Jakarta on your behalf.

General Format of a Surat Kuasa

A Surat Kuasa generally follows a standardized format:

Who is giving the “kuasa“?
Who is receiving the “kuasa“?
What is the purpose of the Surat Kuasa?
Closing statement.
Date and Signature (usually with meterai – an Rp 6000 tax stamp)

Sample of Surat Kuasa

Below is a sample of a surat kuasa that you can tailor to your needs. It was originally drafted for a someone to deliver and pick up a SosBud to KITAS conversion at the Directorate General of Immigration in Jakarta.


Kami yang bertanda-tangan di bawah ini :

Nama : (your name)
Nomor Identitas : (passport or other ID number)
Alamat lengkap : (address)

Nama : (name of second person giving power of attorney, in this case the sponsor for spousal KITAS)
Nomor Identitas : (passport or other ID number)
Alamat lengkap : (address)

dengan ini memberikan kuasa kepada:

Nama : (receiver of power of attorney)
Nomor Identitas : KTP or other ID number
Alamat lengkap : (address of person receiving power of attorney)

untuk menyerahkan berkas Alih Status Keimigrasian dari IK ke ITAS dengan nomor permohonoan (number of KITAS application); kepada Direktur Izin Tinggal dan Status Keimigrasian, Jl. H.R. Rasuna Said, Kav. 8-9 Kuningan, Jakarta, serta mengambil kembali berkas tersebut apabila telah selesai.

Demikianlah surat kuasa ini dibuat untuk dipergunakan sebagaimana mestinya dan dapat dipertanggung-jawabkan.

(place and date)

Yang memberi kuasa,                                     Yang menerima kuasa,

(signature)                                                     (signature)
(giver of power of attorney)                          (receiver of power of attorney)

Other Tips

When signing a Surat Kuasa it is necessary to affix a Rp 6000 meterai (tax stamp). Since there are 2 (or more parties) signing, ensure that every signature is partially on the meterai. You sign the letter beginning on the paper and ending over the meterai. The second party signs beginning on the meterai and ending over paper.

Enclose a photocopy of your identity page from the passport, and if possible a copy of KTP for the person you are giving the power of attorney too.

Questions about specifics or need a more customized sample? Come to our forum and ask the community!

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