Spousal VITAS in 2019: An updated step-by-step guide

VITAS in 2019

It has been sometime since we published the definitive step-by-step guide on applying for a spousal VITAS online. While the original article is still relevant, our member “Jamu”, has posted a success story of a recent application. Thanks to his efforts and post, we can now write about a more recent experience. This article will cover how to apply for your Spousal VITAS in 2019.

Doing the application yourself not only saves you a lot of money, it also ensures that you are in control of the process.

Online Process for Spousal VITAS in 2019

To register for the online process your spouse needs to create a profile on the immigration website. They need to upload their KTP (Indonesian national ID card), Kartu Keluarga (KK – family card) and birth certificate. You are advised to register with a Gmail address, but most e-mail providers should work. Then you need to create a user name.

The next day you will receive an online password which you use with the username you created, to start an application.

Then, you fill in the applicant (your) data form and upload the required documents. Remember, the uploads need to be in jpeg format and less than 400kb in size.

The documents you need are:

  • Bank book/statement with minimum balance of USD 1,500 or equivalent.
  • Your passport data page and cover.
  • Your marriage certificate or buku nikah.
  • Request letter (Check out our article on Surat Permohonan – or download a sample here).
  • Guarantee letter (Surat Pernyataan dan Jaminan – see here for example).

The daily limit for applications of VITAS in 2019 has been increased to 650.  Therefore, no need to rush first thing in the morning to complete the application.

Note that the type of visa you are applying for is an ‘admission visa’ under category 317 for ‘penyatuan keluarga’ – family reunification. The period should be for twelve months (1 year). You can not select the 2 year option, as that is for a different category.

There is a question on the applicant data page where you need to describe the activities the visa applicant (you) will undertake in Indonesia. Because you are applying for a spousal VITAS, it is sufficient to type in ‘Penyatuan Keluarga’ (family reunification).

For VITAS in 2019, there is no longer a request for an NPWP or embassy letter acknowledging the marriage on the online application. However, the embassy letter will be required later on when you visit immigration.

Paying the online fees for VITAS in 2019

The next day you will receive an email request to pay the non-refundable application fee. It is Rp 100,000 and payable at a Post Office or Bank. Any national bank should be able to do this. The banks are linked to the immigration system. Give the teller your billing code number and your name will pop-up on the system. You will receive a receipt with your name and billing code on it.

Approval of Online application

Two to three business days later, you will hopefully receive an approval email. It comes with a pdf attachment which is a ‘telex visa’. Print this out and take it to the overseas Indonesian embassy you selected during the application process. In this case we chose Singapore. Another popular choice is Penang, as was the choice in our previous article. Or choose another location convenient for you.

Application process in Singapore

The following instructions pertain specifically for the Indonesian embassy in Singapore. If you are applying at a different one, please check with them on what they require. However, in general the process should be very similar.

Before you go to the embassy make and bring:

  • A 3.5 x 4.5 cm passport photo on white background
  • A photocopy of your passport

Visit the Indonesian embassy in the morning (before 12 noon). Dress properly: no shorts or singlets. However if you forget, security at the front can lend you a spare shirt and/or trousers.

To save time, download and fill out the visa application form from the embassy’s website.

Some tips for this form:

  • In paragraph 5 write that you want to request a single entry for a period of 12 months for a temporary stay visa to ‘join family’.
  • In paragraph 7 of the visa application form the ‘telex no.’ is the one on your pdf email attachment that starts with IMI….
  • The ‘name of reference’ is your spouse.

Get a queue number from the front desk, and once you’re up, submit your passport, ‘telex’ letter, photo, photocopy of stamped embarkation card from Singapore immigration and completed visa application form. You will get a receipt. You should take this to the cashier near the building entrance. It’s just to the left as you exit.

Pay S$160 in cash and you’ll be given another slip for collection of your passport. This needs to be done the next day, between 2p and 5p.

Back in Indonesia

Make sure that Immigration at the airport sees your VITAS and gives you the correct twelve month entry stamp. At home, visit the imigrasi online reporting site. Report your entry by entering your passport number and visa number. It is the one that begins with IMI….

You will receive an acknowledgment online. By the next business day you should receive an email telling you to report to your local immigration office. It is important to do this within 30 days of your entry. Print out a copy of this email. You will have to submit it to immigration when you physically report to your local immigration office.

First Immigration Visit

The next set of instructions is specific to the immigration office in Denpasar. Other offices may have slightly different turn around times or procedures. However, the general idea is the same. That is, they need to finally verify your documents, interview, photograph and fingerprint you. And naturally, to finally attach the correct stamp on your passport.

At immigration go to the foreigner section. Take a number at the machine. When it is your turn, the officer will give you a folder and several forms. You and your sponsor (spouse) should fill out and sign them. You need a Rp 6,000 meterai stamp for one of them, so bring one along. The forms ask for your occupation. Don’t enter what you do or once did to earn a living – instead enter “Ikut Suami/Istri WNI”. In the Denpasar office you can make photocopies, photographs or purchase meterai, at the store in the back of the office. Your local immigration office may vary.

Once completed, you return to the same officer who will ask you to produce the documents listed below. They will collect copies of some of them, but may require originals to be shown.

Required Documents

  1. The forms you filled out and signed (two for the sponsor, and three for the applicant, including a brief CV).
  2. Original passport plus photocopy of details page, VITAS sticker page and most recent entry stamp page.
  3. Photocopy of marriage certificate/buku nikah. Bring the original to show if necessary.
  4. Photocopy of letter from your embassy recognizing your marriage in Indonesia. If you were not married in Indonesia, then you also have to produce documentation showing that your foreign marriage has been duly registered in Indonesia.
  5. Acknowledgement / no objection letter from your country’s embassy in Indonesia.
  6. Photocopy of your spouse’s KTP and Kartu Keluarga (KK – family card). Bring the original to show if necessary.
  7. Photocopy of your Surat Domisili. They may also ask to see the original. Check out our guide on how to get one. If your spouse’s KTP/KK address is different than your Surat Domisili, then you must present the original and a photocopy of your spouse’s Surat Domisili, the address of which must match yours.
  8. Two passport photographs with red background,  3 x 4 cm size.
  9. Print out of the email you received after you reported online to Immigration of your entry to Indonesia with the VITAS.
  10. Print out of the email ‘telex’ that you received when your VITAS application was approved. It’s the same one you provided to the Singapore embassy.

You will then be given a slip telling you when to come in for an interview, photograph and fingerprinting. Usually within the next few business days.

Payment of fees

For the VITAS in 2019, you will need to pay Rp 1 million for the ITAS, Rp 1 million of for the Multiple Reentry Permit (MERP), and Rp 55,000 for fingerprinting fee. The total is Rp 2,055,000. You can pay at the post office, or any national bank. In Denpasar, you have the convenience of a mobile post office van located just outside the immigration office.

Second Immigration Visit

This visit is when you will have the interview. Questions include things about your relationship to your sponsor/spouse. Such as how you met, where you were married, where you are living, etc. Then your photograph and fingerprints will be taken. The officer will then give you a time to return a third time, to pick up your passport.

Third Immigration Visit

Pick up passport with small round stamp that says ITAS online and has your permit number written in it. There is no longer separate entry / re-entry stamp for the VITAS in 2019. Also, the same day as your passport collection you will receive an email with your electronic ITAS permit. You should print this out and keep it with your passport at all times. This is the equivalent to the KITAS card that they no longer issue.

Congratulations on a successful application! When you are ready, you should also proceed to get an SKTT, an identification document for foreigners. You will need it next year to extend your ITAS.


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