1. M

    (Eks) WNI to enter Indonesia with foreign passport

    Hello, Is it possible to enter Indonesia with foreign passport, despite not lapor to KBRI that I obtained it (which means I'm not longer WNI) or getting through the revocation process? Last time I entered was with paspor ijo (hadn't gotten the foreign passport yet). I know I can do VITAS->...
  2. MrEddy

    Living in Bali and converting VITAS to spouse KITAS

    Dear forum members, Me and my wife have been living in Bali for over 2 years now and got married last Febuary in the Netherlands. We had our marriage certificate legalized by the Indonesian Embassy and successfully applied for the VITAS. On 31 March I had one of the last flights into Indonesia...
  3. M

    Wife sponsored Kitas but KTP is not registered in city where we will be living

    Hi I have 3 questions that I have not been able to find an answer to here on the forum: 1. I will move to Indonesia with my wife next year and her KTP is registered in Jogja, but we will be living in Sumatra. Would it be best for her to report relocation to Sumatera and get her Kartu Keluarga...
  4. N

    Trip Report: VITAS telex pickup in Singapore is a fantastic practical guide that is a godsend for anyone that wants a VITAS/KITAS. I'd like to share some of my experience so anyone searching for information can see a more recent post and one that is specific to...
  5. S

    How to proceess KITAS/VITAS Online

    1. Be married to an Indonesian citizen. No need to be married for any period of time. Be willing to leave Indonesia (not applicable if you are already out of Indonesia) to process visa. Have relevant documents. Be willing to travel to Jakarta, or find someone there who will go for you to pay...

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