1. R

    Did Immigration officer visit house for kitas process?

    Hello, I want to apply for spouse sponsored kitas visa. My wife ktp has his hometown domicile pemalang but now she working in serpong and his parents also not allow her to come home after marriage because we done love marriage. So when applying for kitas giving pemalang address but after...
  2. T

    Looking for experiences: 1-year multi-entry business visa | index 212 - via Visa agents?

    Dear Expat Indo forum, I am new to the forum, I have read through it but have not seen experiences on this topic. Visa Agents like "Bali Visas", "LM Visas" etc. claim that they can get you above visa even if you do not have an Indo company sponsoring you, but they themselves would provide...
  3. Jaime C

    Australia and New Zealand visitor visas for Indonesians

    On the way back to the US this summer, I found a nice fare out of New Zealand. So I decide to book stays for us in New Zealand and Australia. The online process for Australia seems relatively easy. Took me 20-25 minutes to fill out online. $140 AUD fee New Zealand on the other hand, is way...
  4. Cara Shankly

    UK nationals divorce visa status

    Hi. Really hope someone can help! My husband and I are both UK nationals. He works here as a teacher and I'm on a spouse kitas. We have 3 kids, I think they're on an Education Visa. My question is, if I agree to a divorce will I lose my Visa and if so, are there any other options for me to...
  5. RVGNZ


    HI, I'm currently living in Indonesia, I am renting an apartment here. I've been living here on one month visas while my KITAS visa is being organized. Its now ready and im going to Singapore to complete the next step. My company is asking me to get a letter of domisili to take with me to...
  6. K

    Spouse KITAS - rights to work

    Hi, I hope you can help me out here. I plan to marry my Indonesian girlfriend and arrange to live together either in Indonesia or London. However, I am under the impression aware that I will only be entitled to a spouse KITAS which seems to show that I will not be entitled to work in Indonesia...
  7. B

    Kitap Renewal Time - Married 10 years + (is sponsor needed - Yes / No )

    Hi Guys, I am getting close to Kitap Renewal Time ......, I have a Big Question ...., With Kitap Renewal .., IIRC, Some time back .., I read a Rule/ Law was 'changed' regarding your Kitap sponsor (ie; my wife - in my case) - and whether or not they are still actually required - as a Sponsor...
  8. Adiver4life

    Obtaining Itap

    hi, my husband and I have been married more than 2 years, he is Indonesian and me Canadian. We have 1 way flight to go to Indo as we will be settling there (currently living inNetherlands) question is what kind of visa should i get to enter indonesia? we have no time for telex from Jakarta...
  9. Jaime C

    Visa for France (Schengen) for Indonesian

    We are going to Europe in September, with most of the time in France. I understand you need to apply for the visa with the country you will spend the majority of the time in. We need a visa for my wife. I was thinking to apply in Los Angeles, but we only have 3 weeks after coming back from...
  10. K

    Application for sosbud pending

    Here is my situation: I am a student applying for the visa budaya in Kuala Lumpur, because I have an internship in a company in Jakarta. The issue is with the telex 211, it was first issued for the Paris Indonesian embassy. But due to some delay I wasn't able to do it there. So the best option...
  11. dafluff

    46 foreigners held after Bekasi imigration sweep

    46 foreigners held after Bekasi imigration sweep Immigration officers in Bekasi, West Java, confirm that 46 WNA (foreigners) have been taken into custody after raids conducted on 25-26 July 2016. The raid targeted an apartment building on Jalan Ahmad Yani, West Bekasi. The main reason given was...

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