1. M

    (Eks) WNI to enter Indonesia with foreign passport

    Hello, Is it possible to enter Indonesia with foreign passport, despite not lapor to KBRI that I obtained it (which means I'm not longer WNI) or getting through the revocation process? Last time I entered was with paspor ijo (hadn't gotten the foreign passport yet). I know I can do VITAS->...
  2. H

    HELP in getting Indonesia Passport without KTP

    My story is really complicated but anyway here it is: I was born in Indonesia but came to Singapore at 14 months old as my father is a Singaporean. Mum is Indonesian tho. Couldn’t get Singapore citizenship so stuck with Indonesian. Somehow couldn’t get Singapore PR as well. Now I’m 24 years...
  3. dafluff

    Immigration introduces passport application queuing via app.

    The Indonesian immigration office has recently announced 3 more innovations as it pushes further into the digital age. The innovations are designed to further ease the process of passport application. The process has long been a source of complaints from Indonesians who have to navigate agents...

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