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    Expiring ITAS

    So my ITAS is expiring on Thursday (23 July 2020) i’m quite confused with the recent announcement from immigration. My question is, since they already opened ITAS extension service, do I need to hurry to extend my ITAS before Thursday? Because I have been to my immigration office last week after...
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    KITAS Renewal to a New Passport

    Hi, My spouse KITAS will expire at the end of July 2020. I already renewed my passport March 2020 since it’s nearing expiration already. Now I have few questions 1. do i need to do paspor mutasi first if i will renew my KITAS from my old passport to my newly issued passport? 2. Can my husband...
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    KITAS Renewal

    So I saw the news that the Immigration will automatically give an emergency stay permit to foreigners in Indonesia whatever their type of visa is. My problem tho is my KITAS (family union) is expiring on July and I’m giving birth on June. I want to renew my KITAS now because once I give birth by...

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