1. jasonpratamaaa

    Mexican Cuisine Survey

    Hello everyone in the Expat Community, I am a business student from Prasetiya Mulya University going on my 7th semester. I on behalf of my team would like to share a survey to research upon the demand of Authentic Mexican Cuisine in Indonesia and the impact it can benefit for the community...
  2. J

    Indian Food in Lampung

    New Cafe/Restaurant for Indian Food ( I believe the first) in Lampung: Jee's Cafe in Gunung Terang for those who crave authentic Indian food. For further info: FB and Instagram: Jee's Cafe
  3. pinky321

    Best Indonesian Restaurant in Jakarta

    Hi Folks, Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but i would like to know where is the best Indonesian food restaurant in Jakarta for you guys as per expat standard? Thanks :)
  4. K

    Food Vlog Collaborate for YOUTUBE

    Hi everyone, I'm Kenny, i'm not an expat, you can check my facebook page while i signing up with my FB account. But i'm gonna make this straight to the point. I need an expat friend to working just for fun with, preferably blonde hair, of course you must talk english.. I'm going to...
  5. M

    Your favourite Indonesian snack/dish

    Living in Indonesia, to me, is synonymous as consuming all sorts of delicious noms. I think one oughta be adventurous with their tastebuds when they live in Indonesia and sample all sorts of different wonderful tastes of the region. Or you will really miss a big part of the Indonesian culture...

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