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    Would you travel to Indonesia now? Should I stay, or should I go now...

    Hi Jaime. On the one hand is the: what are the US health officials saying regarding travel, as BA said what if you get the virus and transmit it to vulnerable relatives, what if you end up stuck and quarantined along the way, what if the US doesn't let you back in as things evolve? These are...
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    Wait, it's raining?

    The American Ambassador met with Anies to clarify the weather warning issued for the weekend in Jakarta. Anies said the misunderstanding was in the words "on" and "through". At least they have this important stately matter cleared up. U.S. Ambassador in Jakarta Clarifies about Recent Weather...
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    On December 25th, a long time ago...

    Yes thank God for science.
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    KPK raid Bandung prison

    No (sarcasm) that must be fake news. The system has changed enough that this sort of thing can no longer happen.
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    Wait, it's raining?

    Fortunately my wife's family didn't get flooded but it sure looks like misery for a lot of people.
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    Anti-gay hiring practices? And JK Rowlings came to this womens defence in a later tweet. (@jk_rowling) Dress however you please. Call yourself whatever you like. Sleep with any...
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    Fair and peaceful campaigning?

    Excuse me but I thought Wiranto was in Egypt working as an engineer:D Oh well never mind I doubt anything will transpire over it anyways.
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    Fair and peaceful campaigning?

    Sandiaga, Agus, or someone else in PDIP. They are a big nationalist party and are opposed to the Suharto clan.
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    3 Indonesian News stories this week that make me go hmmmm....

    I don't know about the bottom image but I would say the 1st covering could be the handiwork of jstar. I do believe he is also known to frequent the area.
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    Indonesia plans restrictive law on music.

    Now if they could just list corruption, and prioritize it, in the list of slippery slope moral grievances against religion, broader society and the younger generation:tape:, then maybe some real progress could be made. But the best way to ignore the elephant, or in this case elephants, is to...
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    Rest in Peace Davita

    I really appreciated Davita, as a person. He provided some laughs and helpful information to me. I hope his wife is doing well and surrounded by some loved ones.
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    Another Blasphemy Charge

    Could you elaborate on the lack of freedom of speech as you see it? :smile:
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    Where is Lion Air JT610?

    This New York Times article is from Nov.22 but it reports based on .......... "Interviews with dozens of Lion Air’s management personnel and flight and ground crew members, as well as Indonesian investigators and airline analysts, paint a picture of a carrier so obsessed with growth that it has...
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    Another Blasphemy Charge

    Could you elaborate on the different forms of "radicalism", as you see it. Thanks.
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    Where is Lion Air JT610?

    Okay Fred, you are immediately defensive around Lion Air, so maybe you fly Lion and are defensive around anything that may challenge your belief they are a good/safe airline. Other then that, it is the same repetitive pattern of belittling anyone who disagrees with you and continuing to...

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