What are the positives for Jakarta?

To be fair it has been a long time since a previous significant power outage, probably over 2 years.
As an Australian, we can't feel too superior about the power outage. It is only a couple of years ago that the whole of South Australian was blacked out and earlier this year saw a decent black out in areas of Sydney with extreme heat causing peak demands.
NYC even last month

It seems it was a genuine technical failure that could and does happen even in major cities
Not to mention British Rail that fails every time it snows or gets too hot.
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Mr and Mrs Electrical Supply took an early Independence Day vacation on Sunday, August 4. I think they were in the Puncak.
As an Australian, we can't feel too superior about the power outage.

Perhaps not. Technical failures always occur.

But to have the big boss in custody by the anti corruption commission, the replacement being incompetent and begging the public for mercy and the responsible minister being on Hajj, is not what you’d encounter everywhere. ?
Three things have kept me here all these years: Summertime all the time, cops don't bother me, and good looking women. (One needs to visit a Walmart store in the USA to appreciate the last.)
I agree for all the above!:love:

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