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Jaime C

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Jul 16, 2016
I took the ASVAB 35 years ago or so. No interest in the military, but I liked taking tests more than sitting in class.

I got calls and letters from armed forces recruiters for the next 5 years.

I think military service now is very different from say 50 years ago. My father and one brother were both in the military for a number of years.

Most kids that I know who were interested in military service either changed their mind before enlisting, or regretted it after enlisting. At one point, I thought my 20 something daughter might benefit from going into the military. After so many reports of the sexual assault culture in forward war areas, I'd never even think of suggesting it to her.

In many visits with my brother to the VA hospital in the US, lack of care, and indifference to veterans, it wouldn't be in the top 100 career choices of anyone I know.

I wish your son luck.


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Jul 19, 2016
Sexual assult of females in the military happen more than just in the forward war areas. They start right in basic training for many where they are most vunerable. Unfortunate for them.

VA health care? I don't care which president said he was going to improve it, it never happens and probably never will. For most, it is a place to go die. Many times that may have not been the plan but still the end result. When I left the military in the 70s, I was given a card that said I could go to the VA hospital for this, this, and that at the governments exspense. In the 80s, I had one of those things flare up and took my hany card and went to the VA doctors. No exam except a visual of the foot I could hardly walk on but left with a war chest full of pain pills. Tore up the card and never returned. Problem taken care of at a private hospital. A small piece of metal that was missed during an earlier military surgery that had worked it's way between bones of my foot.

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