28 y.o. woman need a job

Discussion in 'Job Seeker Profiles' started by cosmicgirl, Sep 2, 2018.

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    You're welcome. Good luck for your job search.
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    If you a friendly with them, it is a possibility. Because of the short shelf life of most baked goods, there is a business cycle for the use of the equipment depending on what kind of commercial kitchen or bakery they are. Culinary Schools = daytime, bread = overnight, pizza = daytime, cake = morning, etc. If you develop a following or small business, it can be a great way to share the cost. If you are unable to get formal education, you may also want to research business development skills to start your own. Consider focusing on a few small things you do well.

    You mentioned pinterest, youtube, and the internet. These are all good sources, but don't underestimate the value of a good book. It may be old fashioned, but it is usually one of the most concise forms to get knowledge on a specific subject. Books can be by an expert that has been vetted by a publisher and the author can accurately convey information. Much of this value is lost with the internet. I previously mentioned, one of my slight disappointments is much of Indonesia does not have as large of a reading or library tradition and culture. Libraries are more rare and many people don't think to turn to them, but they do exist. Check to see what is available or used to teach at the local culinary schools.
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    thank you, currently Im working in a Japanese Restaurant but the wage is quite small only 2mil. (below the minimum wages here) haha and its very very tiring, I really took my previous job for granted, working behind imac and could get 6,5mil.

    yeah its all possible but I really have no idea where to start.. few months ago, I sent a message to a pastry chef who happened work in Ikea and he ignored me probably he thought 'who tf this girl, is she trying to flirt with me?' hahaha you know its awkward here to ask some questions to people especially when Im a woman and he is a man. and I really notice this thing too in my work place now, that everytime I say something they mostly make it very sexual and shits which is very uncomfortable to me.
    But hey, sometimes I can notice the recipe that I found in pinterest is based on old cook book. anyway Im not sure if its possible for me to just wandering around in culinary school without a student ID

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