1. G

    Package from EU to Indonesia

    Hi it's my first post here, On November 4th ive sent package containg curcumin tablets from Poland to Java using EMS. The tracking shows this, as last update: POLAND (REP) PL 2017-11-04 17:00 Departure from outward OE What should I do if this not gonna get updated, I mean if there's a...
  2. L

    Expat WNI moving back to Indonesia and needing to ship personal effects?

    NOTE: This is a re-post from what I typed up for another forum, and the info was up-to-date as of the time of original writing, January 2012. I thought i'd share my experiences shipping my stuff back to Indonesia after living in the US for 6 years as a student. There are things i wish i had...
  3. OomBen

    Buying from overseas? Have no fear! (but stay on your toes)

    So, you plan on getting stuff in the mail from Friends/family, Amazon,or AliExpress from overseas? Here's some information for you to consider and be aware of when ordering items. Friends or Family sending you stuff: Tell them to keep the declaration of value to under $50usd. (your stuff...

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