1. jstar

    List of National Public Holidays of Indonesia

    2017 (GLOBAL) Sunday Jan 01, 2017 New Year's Day Saturday Jan 28, 2017 Chinese New Year Tuesday Mar 28, 2017 Hari Raya Nyepi Friday Apr 14, 2017 Good Friday Monday Apr 24, 2017 Ascension of the Prophet Monday May 01, 2017 Labor Day Thursday May 11, 2017 Waisak Day Thursday May 25, 2017 Ascension...
  2. M

    Hello! Music Temple is here :D

    Hello Everyone :wave: First, I wanted to introduce myself to all of you. Music Temple is a music school for everyone of all ages and all levels. Over the years, we have been teaching music to the international communities in Jakarta. Our lessons for them are flexible as they can be held at our...
  3. D

    Choosing a school in Indonesia

    One of the most important considerations in deciding whether to make the leap of moving to Indonesia is the schooling options for our children. Parents moving children from abroad are naturally apprehensive about putting their kids in a completely different environment. There are many schooling...

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