international school

  1. Jana Oisca

    New multicultural kindergarten in South Jakarta

    Come visit us at OISCA Jakarta Multicultural Kindergarten, where you can discover all the possibilities our kindergarten can provide for each student, get an introduction to our program, meet our teachers and staff. You'll also get a chance to enroll your child for the new semester!
  2. J

    International Homeschooling Jakarta

    We are Jakarta based international homeschooling offering range of homeschooling programs with world recognized curriculum. Our well-experienced professional teachers will visit your place to teach your child in comfort of your home. Programs: School-At-Home - school like system in home...
  3. D

    Choosing a school in Indonesia

    One of the most important considerations in deciding whether to make the leap of moving to Indonesia is the schooling options for our children. Parents moving children from abroad are naturally apprehensive about putting their kids in a completely different environment. There are many schooling...

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