1. K

    Dual Citizen Help

    Hi I’m an Indonesian-Canadian dual citizen, born in Indonesia but grew up in both countries, went back and forth throughout my childhood and studies. Long story short I moved back to Indonesia about 8 years ago and I permanently live in Indonesia now but would like to visit Canada again someday...
  2. L

    Indonesia ends COVID vaccination requirements

  3. A

    HELP! Urgent! 5 Billion Rupiah Charged by Immigration office to a University student.

    My friend H is from China and she is currently studying Bahasa Indonesia in Indonesia as an exchange student with a university program. She happened to have a friend working in a Chinese language school so she stopped by and visited her friends last night. When H was still there chatting with...
  4. Brendan Humphrey

    Seeking please Indonesian Immigration lawyers and or consultants please

    Greetings from Bandar Lampung Sumatra, Please can you kindly recommend immigration lawyers or consultants? Police were notifed my passport was stolen and I was unable to leave Indonesia on day 27 of my 30 holiday visa, on paid for flight. Police very helpful here in Bandar Lampung but...
  5. G

    Discountinued Kitas

    Dear expat community, I hope you can advice or help me. My kitas is valid untill next january, my company which sponsored my kitas want to stop it. Yesterday I receive a mail from them, saying that they want to stop the kitas and asking me to bring my passport, book a flight ticket and the...
  6. K

    Spouse KITAS - rights to work

    Hi, I hope you can help me out here. I plan to marry my Indonesian girlfriend and arrange to live together either in Indonesia or London. However, I am under the impression aware that I will only be entitled to a spouse KITAS which seems to show that I will not be entitled to work in Indonesia...
  7. K

    Application for sosbud pending

    Here is my situation: I am a student applying for the visa budaya in Kuala Lumpur, because I have an internship in a company in Jakarta. The issue is with the telex 211, it was first issued for the Paris Indonesian embassy. But due to some delay I wasn't able to do it there. So the best option...
  8. I

    Issues with Immigration, Embassy and Previous Company.

    Are you one of the 17 people like me that's had your visa/kitas/imta or kitap delayed more than two months? Well you're not alone. There's a reason why and It's about to go big if it gets out.. The truth is, someone in Immigration has been stealing passports. Not just the agents, but the...
  9. D

    Imigration to extend hours, and online applications to combat graft.

    Indonesian Immigration plans on extending office hours to include service beyond regular office hours, including early morning service, after office hours service, holidays as well as weekends. They will also move forward into a completely online application system, reducing interaction with...
  10. D

    Current Indonesian Immigration fees (in English)

    Update May 2019: The relevant regulation increasing most immigration fees have been signed. It will take effect on May 3rd 2019. You can download a reference here:
  11. D

    Spousal KITAS to KITAP conversion (also applicable for Spousal SosBud to KITAS).

    Having just completed this procedure in July 2016, in Denpasar, Bali, I thought I'd outline the step-by-step process for the forum. I would note that the steps are basically the same for SosBud to KITAS, except that in that case you don't need an Integration Statement nor an SKTT. First visit...
  12. Vanuatu

    KITAP first renewal question

    Has anyone recently completed the first renewal on their spouse sponsored KITAP in Jakarta? I'm currently living out of the country (flew in to renew my MERP last year) but my KITAP will expire in March of 2017. I plan to fly into Jakarta in February to renew my KITAP, but as I need to take...
  13. D

    46 foreigners held after Bekasi imigration sweep

    46 foreigners held after Bekasi imigration sweep Immigration officers in Bekasi, West Java, confirm that 46 WNA (foreigners) have been taken into custody after raids conducted on 25-26 July 2016. The raid targeted an apartment building on Jalan Ahmad Yani, West Bekasi. The main reason given was...
  14. D

    So you Overstayed! Now what?

    First of all don't panic, and read on! When talking about the consequences of an overstay, the applicable law is UU no 6/2011 (Immigration Law). Please note that in this article the definition of overstay is the act of exceeding the allowed number of days within Indonesia as stipulated by your...

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