1. B

    3rd party liability insurance old car

    Hi there, I have purchased a 1988 Suzuki Jimny, I'm trying to find 3rd party liability insurance incase of an accident, I'm struggling to find this due to the age of the car, does anyone have any experience in purchasing 3rd party liability insurance for an older car? Thanks
  2. S

    For Sale Preloved Mercedes Benz CLA200 Sport AMG 2019

    Mercedes Benz CLA200 Sport AMG Kilometer : 4.000 KM Tax : Mei Made : 2019 Color : Hitam Sport AMG Back Camera Warranty ATPM Full original Photo : Credit price : IDR 870.000.000 Cash price : IDR 920.000.000 *)Good...
  3. D

    Rental Car in Jakarta

    Hi everyone! I'm writing here to let you guys know if you're looking for car rental provider, please visit Eazyrent Car Rental We do provide various vehicle like Avanza, Xpander, Innova, Fortuner, CR-V & Alphard with driver as well if you need one. Our office is located in Kelapa Gading, North...
  4. Hendrick Tanujaya

    Travel, Tourism, Drivers

    Hi all, My name is Hendrick Tanujaya, 31 years old Indonesian citizen. I currently have a LOT of free time, since I'm on vacation from my job on board a Cruise ship. I spoke English, Japanese, Italian, and French, so communication will not be an issue (I guess) haha. I'm getting bored doing...
  5. jstar

    e-BPKB anyone? Vehicle registration in Jadetabek.

    Since November, in the Jakarta, Depok, Tangerang and Bekasi area, there is the possibility to complete the car and motorcycle registration (partly) online. This way, it should be much easier and faster to deal with the administrative burden of registering after buying a (new or second hand)...

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