1. M

    (Eks) WNI to enter Indonesia with foreign passport

    Hello, Is it possible to enter Indonesia with foreign passport, despite not lapor to KBRI that I obtained it (which means I'm not longer WNI) or getting through the revocation process? Last time I entered was with paspor ijo (hadn't gotten the foreign passport yet). I know I can do VITAS->...
  2. Jaime C

    Bandung domestic jet flights being moved from BDO to Kertajati (KJT) on July 1, 2019

    We have a flight from Bandung to Bali next month. One thing I’ve liked about flying out of Bandung is that it’s fairly close and easy to get to. My wife has just told me that all domestic jet flights have been moved to the Kertajati airport (KJT), which is quite some distance away. Obviously I...
  3. R

    Airport Train

    Looks like the airport train will finally start in July. Looks exciting and hopefully avoid the sometimes 3 hour traffic jams on the toll road. Price is ok to me but the time it takes seems very long - 55 mins? I guess a lot also depends on how smooth they make the transition at both ends...
  4. Travellingchez

    Jakarta immigration trying to pull a fast one

    I've just come through immigration in Jakarta airport. The immigration guy asked what I was doing here (lots of kitas etc in the passport but I was on a free visa on arrival). Said I was going out to get a new kitas. He then tried to tell me I couldn't come in on a free visa if I was waiting for...

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