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    Mixed Religion Marriages That Become Unmixed

    I'm more of the DNA type... as for the conversion, my point is that in Indonesia the conversion it is usually superficial for the families sake. I converted so we could have a Muslim wedding, but I didn't believe in the shahada for even a millisecond nor have I ever been to a mosque, prayed or...
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    Mixed Religion Marriages That Become Unmixed

    Wait .... as an atheist Jew with a one day conversion to Islam am I ok being married to my Muslim wife?
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    The shape of things to come.

    I am, at least in name.
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    Mixed Religion Marriages That Become Unmixed

    I think it may be more difficult for him to be cremated if he converts to Islam, if he doesn't care about appeasing the family I don't see any benefit at all. I have Islam on my KTP and it doesn't get me any discounts, bonus points or special treatment. I guess the only benefit would be if he...
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    Have read all posts and differing answers

    I believe if you are born a Muslim and leave thus labeled an Apostate you are killed (in some countries), but if you are a convert to Islam and Apostate, they are kind enough to give you a second chance to rejoin the club instead of killing you directly.
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    Mixed Religion Marriages That Become Unmixed

    I don't think there are any pros or cons to it if he is doing it to make his wife's life easier after he dies, unless he wants to be buried in a Muslim cemetery. As for having to learn Arabic or attending mosque, fasting etc... all a personal choice. I converted for a day, for ease of...
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    KK for Foreigner

    You're correct when I recieved my KITAP back in 2012 I got my own KK and my wife had a seperate one with her as the Kepala Keluarga. On a side note back when they still had fiscal at the airport, the fiscal office at first refused to waive my fiscal as I had no NPWP and they said my wife's did...
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    which visa

    That's very very basic Indo lifestyle for a month or one good night at the pub. I think someone coming fresh from the UK would have serious issues adjusting to Jakarta life at under $1000 a month and even under $2000 would be less than many expats monthly bar tab. If he is ok living in a no...
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    Living in Indonesia and petitioning Spouse

    Daniel, if you are not planning on moving to the US in the near future why don't you just apply for a US Visa for your wife. Normally good for 5 years for multiple visits. I don't see much upside to getting her permanent residency if you plan to stay in Indonesia for a long period of time as...
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    Immigration Officer at Soekarno Hatta Airport asked for new affidavit

    We just flew back to the US from Jakarta yesterday. My son used his US Passport and his Indonesian affidavit with no issues or questions, they just handed us back both and let us proceed.
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    Heading Stateside

    While not the same issue, my older son joined the army while I was still in Jakarta. His army regulations forbade him to travel to Indonesia while he was on active duty. I don't know if this was a regulation for the entire army or only his specialized unit, but something you son may want to...
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    Bringing Food into Indonesia?

    A little of both, but as Ruserious stated they rarely even look at the form. All the bags are x-ray'd before hitting the baggage carousal and if they suspect something then they will mark you bag with a X in white chalk which is a sign for the custom guys to do a double check. I once had one...
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    Bringing Food into Indonesia?

    I brought in over 5 kg of pork sausage, 2 kg of cheese, 12 bottles of wine and 3 1.75 litre bottles of spirits on one trip without too much of an issue (traveling with wife and kid with 6 suitcases). I was pushing the envelope on that one, but I routinely bring in several packs of pork sausages...
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    Immigration Officer at Soekarno Hatta Airport asked for new affidavit

    My son and wife just flew into Jakarta a few days ago. My son has the half page type affidavit printed on heavy card stock, I think they only used it for about one year around 2009/2010. It has a photo from when he was one month old. No issues going in but we will see when they leave next...
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    Documents required for muslim mixed marriage in Indonesia

    Me, being a wise ass, paid him in 50K notes counted out at his desk in front of the witnesses to the certificate signing. I also commented that it must be difficult for poor people to convert. He took his revenge later that day. He was also set to officiate the wedding ceremony later that...

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