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    The Cage is now open! Please, register here for access.

    Can I join please? Curious to see the dark side of the moon....
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    Are Trolls Valuable?

    or a bored wfh-ing expat. Who sometimes attend the zoom meeting in a smart shirt and underwear.. :P
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    Are Trolls Valuable?

    I think it was. Imagine a bored expat's wife with not much to do apart from lunches and wild parties... Trolls or trolling would be such amusement... :p ... But hey.. time is different now.. I don't think life would be back to normal.. and the tense of political and human rights issues.. I think...
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    Happy Thanksgiving to our American posters

    Hi Pupsa! I live in Texas and yes... I survived! Just recovered from Covid actually.. Well, Texans don't believe mask help..., I just need to try to stay alive ... How is Hawaii? Is it close for foreign visitors?
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    Invitation for Joining Indonesan Food Feast in Houston

    Thank you Puspa!! I understand that it is challenging time for in person event. But.. we haven't done any charity and it is also to support the cafe and catering business own by women entrepreneurs. We limit guests to 20 people only.
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    Invitation for Joining Indonesan Food Feast in Houston

    Hi ya'll!! Greetings from Houston. I'd like to share this event in Houston. Yes, in Houston TX. So please if any of you know anyone that miss Indonesian Food in Houston, let's join this charity and networking lunch. The event will be attended by The Consul General of Indonesia Houston and the...
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    Happy Thanksgiving to our American posters

    Happy Thanksgiving ya'll. Greetings from Texas here! I am having Ayam Taliwang today. Ordered from one of Popular Indonesian Catering here in Houston. Yum!! I don't really like Turkey.. :(((
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    Puspa! I miss u! So you are not in Jakarta anymore? Texas is great, we have 75-76 degree on winter.. such a nice weather.. ? So great that you are still playing gamelan and let people know about our beautiful music. I wish I knew anyone in Hawai so I can tell them to see u to learn gamelan..
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    I am shock, they want to DEPORTASI my daughter

    Indonesian law for citizenship is following father's nationality. In 2006, the govt passed the dual citizenship. Can you ask this to the immigration? Your child born first as Indonesian national, as the father is Indonesian. Therefore she doesnt need affidavit.
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    Hello From Houston

    Thank you for coming and try the sambal. Super spicy ya.. ? I am sorry for very late reply.. Also want to update the news of my sambal. It is now in some stores in Houston, San Antonia and Odessa.. yes we can only sell in Texas at the moment. Working to get it nation wide ?
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    Hello from Cibubur..

    So Happy to see everyone here. Feels like home. ❤️❤️
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    How is everyone in Jakarta? Hope you all safe.
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    Hello.. I am an old member. Anyone here that still remember me? ?
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    Avoiding the Bali Airport Taxi Mafia

    Arriving on domestic airport. Taxi from Airport to same place last time in Seminyak now cost Rp. 150K. Looking at traffic on the way back to airport, I think 150K is fair.
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    Looking for temporary accommodation in Sanur Bali

    Hahhaha... it’s for long term plan.. My sambal hopefully will still continue as the owner of the recipe is now a US citizen. Me myself is not a good cook, just like every Indonesian.. saya suka jualan aja.

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