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    Which stylus .... haha Okay, enough said, great stuff I'm afraid I won't be among the bidders
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    Agreed, scratches are a tragedy, I was talking about that ball of stuff or fluff on the needle that would send the needle staight across the grooves to the centre making that zipping sound. Dunno what you paid over a hundred US bucks for but hope it wasn't something the likes of...
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    Yeah, someties I wonder who got my old stuff & whether the charity knew what they were selling. When my ex's father passed away he had hundreds of old lp's which we gave to local community radio station who had many segments of different kinds of music for young & old & I got a bit of pleasure...
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    Gave all my vinyl, cassettes & CD's to charity when I was becoming a minimalist. Now have around 4000 albums, many of them flac files (free lossless audio codec) on computer & backed up to a portable hard drive, cost me next to nothin'. In some strange nostalgic way I miss the sound of a dirty...
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    Any american or mexican around ?

    Are there any rotund Americans or Mexicans here?
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    Are Trolls Valuable?

    :LOL:.... Yes you do, good to see you back.
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    Where's my sober people at?

    I'm interested because after a few I had to re read the above post by BA, at first I interpreted it as granny falling out of bed & being found drunk on the floor ......
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    Covid 19 "jabs" for kitas/kitap holders ?

    Got the first jab today, bit of a headache after an hour or so, trying to deal with transferring contacts into a new hp &, lost the plot..... Mrs said to the daughter "maybe they gave him the rabies vaccine".
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    Pvc glue?

    The only thing I could add is to abrade the pipes circumferentially not lengthways so as to not provide any possible tracking points.
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    Covid 19 "jabs" for kitas/kitap holders ?

    My wife handed in the documents to the KL & has been told there will be anotherform to complete once the schedule comes back from Puskesmas & (at some time) in April vaccinations will be open to all ages ..... we'll see.
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    Covid 19 "jabs" for kitas/kitap holders ?

    Our local KL at Beranda Mumbul Nusa Dua has just given information that starting 30th March Surya Husada Hospital Nusa Dua will be giving the jab to over 60's including kitas & kitap holders. Requirements are copies of passport , kitas / kitap, sktt & domicile letter signed & dated by KL. which...
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    Funny Stuff - Meme, humour (dark white, orange, rainbow), stories..

    I saw a dwarf climbing down the outside of a prison wall & thought ... that's a little condescending.
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    A Bugs' Life

    We've got several current infestations, thankfully they're all with BPR's
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    BPJS as foreigner with no work??

    Yes this is correct, I've been on my wife's KK since I got my first KITAS & it says she is the head of the family which is fine by me, fits the covert narcissism nicely........ :cool::LOL:

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