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    Child dual citizenship process.

    If The child has no passport previously, would it be possible for him to apply for Indonesian Passport first ? Or the Kanim would still ask the child for affidavit and other country's passport first ? My sister is plannin to make a passport to her 1 year old son Kinda confuse which process...
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    Deadly Jail Riot Near Indonesian Capital Is Claimed by ISIS

    On the way now.... Polri seems like covering his brother TNI operation. No more negotiation
  3. kratos

    Deadly Jail Riot Near Indonesian Capital Is Claimed by ISIS

    Sorry mod, haven't been here for a while Theres gonna be bloodbath in the next 24 hours Terrorists are ready to die I'm just afraid of those fookers with humanrrights issue who may come afterwards
  4. kratos

    Deadly Jail Riot Near Indonesian Capital Is Claimed by ISIS

    Deadly Jail Riot Near Indonesian Capital Is Claimed by ISIS Looking serious here Mod note: I've edited the thread because, once again, a full article was pasted here. As a reminder, pasting full articles is against our posting...
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    Indonesia offers to Host Trump-Kim meeting

    Hary Tanoe would get his face back in front of Jokowi if he could make it happen Remember, his fraud tax return mobile 8 isnt expired yet, he need to get close to those who could prevent him from jail time....
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    How old are you

    Young and cheaper...
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    FPI news

    Well, I'm a moslem too, Mo Salah is moslem too In Indonesia, moderates moslem are trying really hard not to associate themselves with The Camels group. Its probably similar efforts compare to the Christians trying to disassociate themselves with KKK or Germans with the Nazis, or local girls...
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    What's going on with Setya?

    Novanto gave up He accepted 15 years verdicts. With his money he could live comfortably in prison. Maybe taking few days out off the prison sometimes too. After few remunitions, he could be out of prison before 2030, and people forgot him already
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    Imperfect democracy is Indonesia's least bad option

    Now we have Mr Tommy Suharto back with Partai Berkarya. What a guy
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    Meet Ian, the poor bule

    Latest news, immigration tangerTan picked him up, transferred it to jakarta immigration. Maybe he'll be back home soon
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    Meet Ian, the poor bule

    His name is Ian He said that he lives at Tangerang. 4 months ago his wife kicked him outta house. No he lives with no money.... A joke, stunt or real? Could've easily apply to EF for extra cash...
  12. kratos

    From Thailand with ties...

    andd she's asking US government to help her out coz she got something that connects Trump with Russia
  13. kratos

    Funny Stuff - Meme, humour (dark white, orange, rainbow), stories..

    Wanna hear a good joke ? Arsenal

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