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    covid positive PCR

    I begin to think its real because my wife got positive one day later she left. I lost smell and taste now but I think its recovering very slow. I hope everyone will be safe from this.
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    covid positive PCR

    You should be very very careful
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    covid positive PCR

    You'll feel strange again , Today I saw people doing covid positive parties (that is what they are talking in English that its covid party) outside hotel building in hotel area (open air) those who are +ive cases they sitting talking together. (Foreigners and Indonesian) same hotel (Hariston...
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    covid positive PCR

    I tried they not listening they said its not possible.
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    covid positive PCR

    Update they not allowing me to do a test (on demand) and paying them. They said I can only do a test on 22nd and 26th.
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    covid positive PCR

    I have flu because of cold in room and i get flu easily even before covid it was like that. We are fully vaccinated. But can't complain I am struck here my wife is with family now. I just stated counting days till 28th lol
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    covid positive PCR

    Hi Guys thanks for good response, we both are fully vaccinated. I just asked hotel that I am willing to pay extra to do one more PCR now besides the two tests they will do, this time desk told me they are checking and will let me know. Besides that its strange they allowing covid patients to...
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    covid positive PCR

    They told me I can go outside the room and I am surpised if hotel have covid patients why they allowing it? previous one didn't allowed to go outside.
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    covid positive PCR

    Hi Just sharing my story. I arrived in Indonesia 8 day ago spent quarantine in Holiday Inn Pluit. When I arrived I had PCR negative. They did test again on hotel (1st) which is negative. Paid 11m for stay 2 people. I stayed with my wife in same room, the second test showed positive CT...
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    New regulation 8 days and fully vaccinated

    Found this and its not said anything about type of vaccines and the fully vaccinated certificate is enough :) Thanks a lot Published on 5th July 2021...
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    New regulation 8 days and fully vaccinated

    Thank you for letting me relieved. I just unfollowed that group :) So many trolls there. I'll soon share my experience after 8th July for my flight to Indonesia. My wife is Indonesian and she is living with me and got same vaccine :) Thanks again!
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    New regulation 8 days and fully vaccinated

    Hi , I have been vaccinated just 2 weeks ago with a single dose vaccine (CanSino/Convedicia) and have a certificate of fully vaccinated from my government. There is a confusion about the vaccines there is a Indonesian group on Facebook they said these vaccines are not accepted in Indonesia...
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    8 days now for quarantine starting 6 July

    I have a flight on 8th July and I have a vaccination of single dose (fully vaccinated) CanSino vaccine and have a fully vaccinated certificate from government. Some people saying this vaccine is not accepted but its approved in our country so many confusions.
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    Visa C317 got it to today

    Thanks for prompt response!
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    Offshore visa applications possible

    I just attached passport , its back side , and old visa(s) Its strange. Usually if something is wrong they send a email you should ask your wife to check email if there is something wrong they ask to provide in email. I hope it will work for you this time good luck!

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