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    WHO Looks at Sinovac

    Here is what the WHO is currently saying about their analysis of Sinovac. All I can ad is that my wife and I are bother over 59 and had no adverse reactions.
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    When do the schools go back after Corona?

    I don't know about teachers but from some things I have seen they have lost some students who parents believe in mask and vaccinations. Evidently parents sign a contract and are not allowed to speak negatively about the school. According to one parent I have seen an interview with who had pulled...
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    When do the schools go back after Corona?

    And the crazy governor and repub legislature has signed on to this approach.
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    US Notary services in Indonesia

    The one and only place you can get documents notarized for the US. There is a charge unless the documents are for government use. Price used to be on their website.
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    Just remember that the link may say it may in fact lead to a different address so make sure you check what address is in your browser before continuing.
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    Travel and the Rapid Test

    Airlines say antigen rapid test or pcr. Clinic says antigen rapid test or pcr. Newspaper say pcr or nose test at airport. I will go with the antigen rapid test. 250 ribu compared to 900. This trip is getting costly for all the extras. All in a one day trip. The test will over 24 hours old when I...
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    FPI lawyer arrested over terrorism link

    I don't remember the FPI being peaceful. Illegal raids, supporting and arming their own army, taking laws into their own hands, and causing good people to go to prison because they were not muslim or of the same heritage as them.
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    Travel and the Rapid Test

    My understanding is that flying domestically one needs a PCR test. Is that the swab test? I think the charge is around 900 ribu for that. Do I have that right or are other test called PCR here also. How about those test at the airports. Reliable?
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    Missing Submarine

    I could say a lot too but I guess my main question is just who that has offered to help would you suggest we not trust that their intentions are honorable? If the sub did implode it is now scatters along the sea bed and the only thing of any value to someone who may want to salvage it would be...
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    How to make sure you get the Chinese vaccine.!

    Are there even Pfizer vaccines here. I have heard no talk of them even being planned on. If they do come I do not see the refrigeration required being available.
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    First jab done

    I doubt that will happen anytime soon. While there are certainly people that are still getting the first dose being that it was just opened up for all ages in every state, they still feel they can reach many of the anti-vaxers. So, they will sit on a lot and may, just may give some up. Those...
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    Domestic Travel during Ramadan

    Admin, please delete this entry. I found it already exist elsewhere. Thanks.
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    Mudik ban starts earlier today 22 April

    I asked about this in another topic. What about traveling from bandar Lampung to Jakarta via air? I will get a pcr test the day prior and have the printed out appointment for an appointment with the US Embassy on May 5. Will I need anything else? I have scheduled a car and driver for the 5th...
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    Missing Submarine

    If the sub is not filled with water the crew has some time. Sometime Saturday they figure until oxygen runs out. Since it is 200 meters below it's dive limit, chances are good it is leaking if not already flooded in some sections. Crews are well trained to shut water tight hatches if flooding is...
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    Domestic Travel during Ramadan

    I have to travel May 5. No choice thanks to some lack of professionalism at the US Embassy. So, May 5th seemed to just miss the crackdown and no travel days that start on the 6th. Still need test but no problem there. The thing is, now they are talking about extending the no travel days and...

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