Most effective learning tool.

You maybe right, B_A. Perhaps I should look at some paid online courses. Won't hurt to continue to memorize words, I guess, but getting structure right in the first place and avoiding bad habits would be better.
oh, VH - Hubby just said, skype him & he will happily talk with you & teach you, in exchange for some Australian black opals.... :D

Thank your hubby for the offer, it's very generous. But I might just build on a bank of words first so I've actually got something to practice saying.
Thanks again. i've just signed up for indonesianpod101 free trial and will give it a go.

Please keep us updated with your thoughts on the podcast. I have been following this thread with great interest.

I've been having great luck with ChinesePod recently, although I guess this seems to be a different company.

This Bob Harus?


Please keep us updated with your thoughts on the podcast. I have been following this thread with great interest.

I've been having great luck with ChinesePod recently, although I guess this seems to be a different company.

I had a look at/listen to the introductory lesson with Indonesianpod101 last night with it being unlikely I'll continue. It was supposedly a beginners' lesson, but I found it quite intimidating compared to others I've tried labelled as such - it seemed beyond beginner to me. Other users had left comments on the page suggesting the same.

The lesson also appeared to be geared toward people in business or career oriented individuals with the lesson dialogue involving "reports" "presentations" "meetings" "boardrooms" etc giving it a, in my opinion, an uptight or rigid feel, which didn't resonate with me. The voice-overs used also didn't come across as relaxed or natural, they appeared forced. I didn't continue with the lesson and can't offer an opinion on the supporting exercises offered.

This podcast may suit others well, but personally, I'm more interested in learning with a program that incorporates dialogue that I can engage in or use immediately in my day to day life while in Indonesia. I'm unsure if companies would be open to a bule walking in off the street into their office hoping to join their boardroom meeting so as to practice his bahasa Indonesia.
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I understand why VH doesn't want to learn the formal Indonesian as used in commerce etc. A friend of mine has a tutor and he learns a classical Indonesian language. His wife (Indonesian) says she cannot understand him as he talks like I would be talking in English as a Shakespearean actor.
Some people with whom I studied bahasa were learning from bilingual en-id Bible. It was related to their future job spreading the word of God in Kalimantan and other parts in Indonesia. I found it extremely difficult.

Maybe a more simple approach...... write an advert that you are looking for Indonesian with some English who will be willing to teach you for 100 000 per session 45 min...without degree in Bahasa from reputable uni or more if they have some higher degree offer them something extra. All lessons by using skype you have to wear headset and your teacher need to heave a decent microphone.

You won't go that far with studying language just by memorizing words from dictionary. I would not recommend a software like flashcards ect..... better to use notebook and something to write, you will memorize words by writing them and also by looking at them.

Watch educational programs for children on tv or Internet in Indonesian for 4-6 year olds. Adults tend to speak more slowly in those shows, use simple words, sentences and most important ..... repetition is the key to success - they repeat words, sentences all the time.

Good luck.
After a day of looking at online courses I've settled on The Indonesian Way recommended by El-Goretto on ExpatIndo's main site. El-G explains the course as follows;

The Indonesian Way
This is a beginner’s course for the Indonesian language which is used at many universities around the world. The in-depth material is free of charge on their website. It includes PDF text books and audio files for pronunciation. This online course is provided by Dr. George Quinn from the Australian National University and Dr. Uli Kozok at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

It says the course is free but there is an $8 registration fee. However, you're getting plenty of bang for your buck with the amount of material offered - if I recall, I think its 130 lessons with about 15 modules per lesson available for six months. The course suits me as a beginner as it deals with everyday language so I can engage in conversation from the get-go.

Thanks to all those who offered ideas and recommendations.

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