Mixed Religion Marriages That Become Unmixed


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Jul 19, 2016
I'm more of the DNA type... as for the conversion, my point is that in Indonesia the conversion it is usually superficial for the families sake. I converted so we could have a Muslim wedding, but I didn't believe in the shahada for even a millisecond nor have I ever been to a mosque, prayed or done any of the 5 pillars (except for donations which my wife did with out me knowing). My wife's parents were a little disappointed at first that I didn't want to learn to pray and when we hit the first Ramadan and I didn't fast they were a little disappointed, but they got over it. I think the fact that they can tell their family and friends that their daughter's husband converted is enough.
I was told by a person I trust with knowing about these things that the important thing is that you convert. After that, while appreciated, no one really cares how you live and do not expect one to be a perfect Muslim. (no such thing). It's a numbers thing and good image builder for the Imam who converted you to take to the neighborhood Iman juice bar to brag about how he converted a bule. Get's him a free juice or some kind of plaque to stare at later.

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Mar 24, 2019
"In two separate cases, a woman and a man in Aceh passed out on Thursday after being publicly caned as a punishment for violating the province’s Qanun Jinayat (Islamic criminal code).
In East Aceh regency, a 22-year-old man found guilty of extramarital sex was beaten unconscious after a sharia officer punished him with 100 strokes in a flogging.
The authorities continued with the flogging – even after he had fainted before later awaking – and he was only rushed to the hospital for medical treatment after the punishment finished, AFP reported.
Also on Thursday, the Aceh Tamiang Prosecutor’s Office head of general crimes, Roby Syahputra, said one woman who was one among 33 people being caned in Aceh Tamiang regency fainted after she completed her sentence of 30 strokes, a punishment she received after she was allegedly caught being too close to a man."

Quite glad not to convert, thanks

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