Import car to Bali

I'm waiting for the day when a certain individual (I do not know their name) falls out a favor or gets politically ousted and a warehouse full of US Muscle Cars is discovered. All stolen in the US and shipped to Jakarta. None registered at all.

People don't know this and I wouldn't have if I hadn't come across the person that does all the detailing whenever one arrives as he was going over a yellow, 72 Chevelle SS. A friend of a relative. My request to see the warehouse was declined.
You could always Johnny Cash it. (One Piece at a Time)

Now that’s something that Customs has pretty much under control. The moment they suspect an accessory or car/motorcycle component is or will become part of a complete vehicle, they will block and investigate.

Obviously bribery can accomplish anything. Even (semi) registration or driving around for years without. (See the HD and Ducati cases in the past.)


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