1. A

    Work as Secondment in Indonesia

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to find an easy way to make income and living here in Indonesia without the work permit dilemma and long process. If I'm a director/shareholder in PT-PMA (lets call it X1) and have my own kitas/kitap, is it possible to work in another organization (lets call it X2)...
  2. Bonaldi Kresnanto

    Consulting Startup in Indonesia

    Hello everyone! One of my goals is to return to Indonesia and set up a consulting company to provide IT services such as Risk Management, IT Audit including Security and Project Management. I know there are many organizations providing such service (Deloitte, EY, PwC, etc) but my goal is more...
  3. M

    [FOR RENT OR SALE] Lexington Residence Tower I (FULLY FURNISHED)

    The apartment is located in the Tower I, on the 26th floor. Facing Mount Pangrango on the one side, and the modern city of Jakarta on the other, it has the ideal mixture of nature and culture, offering the paramount balance of work and contemplation. Despite its new condition, the rooms are...
  4. W

    Maid wanted - part time

    Hi, I am looking for a part time/ casual maid to come for either 1 to 2 times a week to help out with chores in my apartment. Living in Gandaria in the 1 Park Residences compound. Generally the work consists of a minimum of 4 hours per working day. My contact number on WhatsApp is +61432299337...
  5. L

    Sponsor husband Kitas work

    Hello, I got really confuse reading all information about having a Kitas sponsor suami and our right/no right to work. I don't know if as expat wife we have the same right than expat husband. So I want to re-open a post to get clear answer for us, wife of indonesian men with a kitas sponsor...

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