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    Where to get vaccine for Typhoid in Jakarta

    Hi all, I'm here for the year for research and I realized that my Typhoid vaccination has gotten old. I'm wondering if someone here has experience and might be able to share where to get a Typhoid vaccination in Jakarta or also in Palangkaraya. Does any clinic have it? I am having trouble...
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    Leaving requirements transit through Jakarta

    Does anybody know the leaving requirements if you're leaving Indonesia on an international flight but going to Jakarta first? I will be leaving from Bali but need to go to Jakarta first and only plan on staying in the airport until my second flight. I found this article but it may be...
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    Bali to provide free Japanese encephalitis vaccines for kids

    Japanese encephalitis (JE) is a disease carried by the Culex mosquito, and transfers from animals (pigs and birds) to humans. The disease causes inflammation of the brain, and symptoms include headache, vomiting, fever, confusion, and seizures. Case-fatality rates range from 0.3% to 60% and...

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