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    Looking for helper moving back to Singapore

    Hello, saya Ibu Zan, I used to live in Jakarta & Tangerang for 4 years. I’ve moved back to Singapore 1 year ago and our Indonesian helper also moved with us. She’s getting married soon and we need a replacement. I’m Singaporean, my husband is British and our 2 children are 3 and 1 year old...
  2. N

    Trip Report: VITAS telex pickup in Singapore is a fantastic practical guide that is a godsend for anyone that wants a VITAS/KITAS. I'd like to share some of my experience so anyone searching for information can see a more recent post and one that is specific to...
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    Moving household goods urgently

    Hey all, I need to move my personal effects urgently from Jakarta to Singapore within the next couple of weeks. Anyone know of a company that could help me out? I have heard of this website and thinking of giving them a shot but would be open to other suggestions :)

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