1. C

    Hi everyone, newbie here planning to move to Jakarta despite lockdown!

    Hello to everyone here! I'm set to move to Jakarta in the next month, and the pandemic is really making everything more complicated than it already is. Not sure how I could go about viewing apartments and meeting new people when everyone is staying and working at home. I'm very anxious about the...
  2. Abcdj

    Newbie in Bandung

    Hi All, I'm new in Bandung. I am finding exploration and adventure alone a little difficult on my own. Hoping to meet other expats to go on outings and dinners, maybe catch a movie some time. Perhaps there is an expat group in Bandung? If you know of one please point me in the right...
  3. H

    Significant other moving back to Indonesia and I want to follow from the USA.

    So I'm not too familiar with Indonesia or traveling in general, but I would really like to visit Indonesia and stay as long as possible. My girlfriend will be finishing school here in the U.S. soon, and will be heading back to Jakarta before the end of this summer. I would really like to...
  4. B

    Another frog landed on Bali

    Hello everybody, Just a quick introduction of myself (French, but with a Belgian father) After 33 years in construction works (plant and equipment dept) I retired a few years ago. Yep, our government is generous with "early workers" and I could leave with full benefits at 60. Hanged out a few...
  5. Mita A

    Hi... Newbie Here...

    Hi, I'm Mita and just found this forum, so yeah I'm a newbie. :) Does anyone live in Bali? And maybe intereated in making friends and sharing experiences? Cheers, Mita
  6. D

    Greeting from Surabaya

    Hi my name is Andy I am new to this forum. I am a medical doctor in Surabaya. Yesterday i had an expat patient visiting my emergency room (i can not enclose any additional information since it is confidential). Our communication was going pretty smoothly, at least from my point of view, and in...
  7. Saigon

    Indonesan Expat Forum: What happened?

    LI- Indonesian Expat Forum: What happened? Hi guys, selamat taun baru! I am a late adapter to migrate here in this "sister site" but I wanted to know know what happened on the other site? Is it techinical issue(maintenance)? Some faction and bickerings or whatever please let us know so we...

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