Significant other moving back to Indonesia and I want to follow from the USA.


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May 4, 2019
So I'm not too familiar with Indonesia or traveling in general, but I would really like to visit Indonesia and stay as long as possible. My girlfriend will be finishing school here in the U.S. soon, and will be heading back to Jakarta before the end of this summer. I would really like to follow her and try to find work.

I have a bachelors in Finance, but I took a different route after school and haven't really gained experience in that field. But other than that I have a lot of positive work experience, especially in pharmaceuticals. I currently work as a Quality Investigator at a major pharma company (7 years experience), if that helps.

What are my best options as an American trying to find work/visa sponsorship in Jakarta?

I really appreciate everyone who takes time to discuss this with me. I'm totally clueless.
Hi there,
I recommend you come visit for couple of weeks before you get too deep into planning to move here.
If you haven't travelled much you might find Indonesia to be a big culture shock.

You will likely not be permitted to work in a quality role. I could be mistaken but I think it's one of the roles not open to foreigners (like HR).

Maybe come for a holiday and do some networking while here to see if you can find any leads?

All the best
Well if she like or even luv you she should able to help you. Being in USA is not a small task. That show her family is well to do and should have good contact. Why not ask her for help?

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