1. jstar

    e-BPKB anyone? Vehicle registration in Jadetabek.

    Since November, in the Jakarta, Depok, Tangerang and Bekasi area, there is the possibility to complete the car and motorcycle registration (partly) online. This way, it should be much easier and faster to deal with the administrative burden of registering after buying a (new or second hand)...
  2. B

    What's the Expected Import Tax for Motorcycle Parts and Accessories ?

    Hi Guys , :help: I am thinking of buying / shipping from overseas to Indonesia ..., - Various Aftermarket Motorcycle Parts & Accessories I want to know what the expected IMPORT DUTIES would be ? I intend to spruce up a motorcycle that is already in Indonesia for personal use only - using...
  3. ferdriz

    Piaggio Vespa Sprint 150-3Vie. February 2016. Low Mileage only 3652 Kilometer.

    Here you go, since we're here in Indonesia so the description is bilingual; English and Indonesian: For Sale/Dijual: Vespa Sprint 150-3V.i.e. ABS. Bought in February 2016, latest model. First Owner. Well maintained, All complete, no modification. Low Mileage only 3652 kilometer, see photos...
  4. Joko

    Motorcycle Journeys

    Hi all! My first post on Expat Indo. Ah... that new forum smell! Although I'm currently working and living in Yangon, Myanmar, I've been back to Indonesia twice in the last two years (I used to live in Yogya and Jakarta back in the late 80's, early 90's) as a tourist, and looking forward to a...

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