1. R

    Did Immigration officer visit house for kitas process?

    Hello, I want to apply for spouse sponsored kitas visa. My wife ktp has his hometown domicile pemalang but now she working in serpong and his parents also not allow her to come home after marriage because we done love marriage. So when applying for kitas giving pemalang address but after...
  2. M

    Wife sponsored Kitas but KTP is not registered in city where we will be living

    Hi I have 3 questions that I have not been able to find an answer to here on the forum: 1. I will move to Indonesia with my wife next year and her KTP is registered in Jogja, but we will be living in Sumatra. Would it be best for her to report relocation to Sumatera and get her Kartu Keluarga...
  3. H

    HELP in getting Indonesia Passport without KTP

    My story is really complicated but anyway here it is: I was born in Indonesia but came to Singapore at 14 months old as my father is a Singaporean. Mum is Indonesian tho. Couldn’t get Singapore citizenship so stuck with Indonesian. Somehow couldn’t get Singapore PR as well. Now I’m 24 years...
  4. N

    SosBud to KITAS while living away from city where KTP is registered

    https://forum.expatindo.org/showthread.php?360-Spousal-KITAS-to-KITAP-conversion-(also-applicable-for-Spousal-SosBud-to-KITAS) is a great resource this site provides! I'm trying to plan Indo trip logistics around immigration office visits needed while converting SosBud to KITAS. My wife's KTP...

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