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  1. Gili Ken

    Kitas Year 2 coming up

    Greetings. I am new - hope this is not a question asked a thousand times before. I have a new bungalow business on Gili T. I paid a nice amount to arrange my Kitas last year and year one expires in November. 1. Do I need to go to Singapore again this year to get year 2? 2. Can I arrange Year 2...
  2. serious_fun

    retirement age: KITAP vs. KITAS

    :juggle: If/when we relocate, I would prefer to be on a KITAP under spouse sponsorship rather than living in Indo with an employer's KITAS. Would retirement at 58-60 still be required? I would be, presumably, working as an educator. thanks in advance.
  3. T

    Can Kitap holder leave indonesia without taking his Kitap?

    Can Kitas / Kitap holder leave Indonesia for travel or going back to his own country (in my case go back to China) pass immigration without taking the Kitas / Kitap? Only taking the passport. And if s/he can leave Indonesia without showing the Kitas / Kitap (Blue book), can s/he re-enter...

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