1. G

    Importing Household Goods Prior to Obtaining KITAS

    I will be spending at least a year (possibly longer) in Yogyakarta on a Sosial Budaya visa before converting to KITAS. Is it possible / feasible to import my household goods while on Social Budaya? The thing I am really after getting into the country is a very large collection of second-hand...
  2. K

    Importing medicines and supplements moving to Indonesia.

    When moving to Indonesia, can one bring in essential medicines such as blood pressure control? Limitations? Can one bring in supplements (i.e. vitamins and minerals) as found in a health food store or vitamin shop?
  3. K

    Moving to Jakarta from Dubai and bringing two cats!

    Hello, I'm soon to be moving to Jakarta from the UAE which is not considered a rabies free country. Does anyone have recent experience of importing cats and the quarantine facility? Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated. I have done some internet research and am planning to manage the...
  4. OomBen

    Buying from overseas? Have no fear! (but stay on your toes)

    So, you plan on getting stuff in the mail from Friends/family, Amazon,or AliExpress from overseas? Here's some information for you to consider and be aware of when ordering items. Friends or Family sending you stuff: Tell them to keep the declaration of value to under $50usd. (your stuff...

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