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    [FOR RENT OR SALE] Lexington Residence Tower I (FULLY FURNISHED)

    The apartment is located in the Tower I, on the 26th floor. Facing Mount Pangrango on the one side, and the modern city of Jakarta on the other, it has the ideal mixture of nature and culture, offering the paramount balance of work and contemplation. Despite its new condition, the rooms are...
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    Want to plan a trip to bali

    Selamat siang! I want to plan a trip to Bali. I mostly want to see the temples and the beaches. I'm not interested in partying or raving. Can someone suggest a 6 day iterinary? I tried looking for this answer online, and although other places do exist, they all give open answers on where to...
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    Hello! Music Temple is here :D

    Hello Everyone :wave: First, I wanted to introduce myself to all of you. Music Temple is a music school for everyone of all ages and all levels. Over the years, we have been teaching music to the international communities in Jakarta. Our lessons for them are flexible as they can be held at our...

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