1. B

    Spouse-sponsored KITAP with kids | What if divorced or spouse dies?

    Hi everybody and welcome to my first thread ;-) Here is a "what if" question which I hope will never become an urgent matter for us. I've been living in Indonesia for almost nine years, holding a spouse-sponsored KITAP which will be prolongued to that 10 years permanent stay permit early next...
  2. Cara Shankly

    UK nationals divorce visa status

    Hi. Really hope someone can help! My husband and I are both UK nationals. He works here as a teacher and I'm on a spouse kitas. We have 3 kids, I think they're on an Education Visa. My question is, if I agree to a divorce will I lose my Visa and if so, are there any other options for me to...
  3. Niko Z.

    Divorce -- Need a lawyer or Not? Advice needed.

    My wife and I have been separated for over a year. She will begin divorce proceedings in Palangka Raya at the end of next week. The marriage was conducted in Catholic church and the civil court. The divorce is mutually agreed upon and we both agree that I should take care of the child. I live...
  4. Periwinkle

    Divorce Procedure

    Can anyone tell me where to go to file for divorce? I've found lots of information online about the grounds for divorce, but not much in terms of where exactly to go and what to do. Help is appreciated. Non-Islamic marriage Mixed, American/Indonesian No kids No property Both parties agree
  5. B

    Kitap Renewal Time - Married 10 years + (is sponsor needed - Yes / No )

    Hi Guys, I am getting close to Kitap Renewal Time ......, I have a Big Question ...., With Kitap Renewal .., IIRC, Some time back .., I read a Rule/ Law was 'changed' regarding your Kitap sponsor (ie; my wife - in my case) - and whether or not they are still actually required - as a Sponsor...

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